Monday, October 3, 2011

An Unfamiliar World

It was that bleak sunrise,
In the coldness, I was cozy and curled,
I struggled and opened my eyes
to wake up to an unfamiliar world.

Some people will never go,
or that's what I had always heard,
but today, it isn't so
and it feels like an unfamiliar world.

Fond memories of them swept my mind
but into strangers they had turned.
Their incredible love had made me blind,
it's why I'm in this unfamiliar world!

My world, in them I had seen..
around them my living had swirled,
If only I'd known, mere people they had been,
It'd never have felt like an unfamiliar world!

Of  love, care and fun they swore,
and in those sweet words my life twirled.
But when people aren't just people, but more,
you will always wake to an unfamiliar world.

<Opinions and comments please :) >


rishigbhatnagar said...

The word starting with B and ending with an L :)
So here it is , yet another side of the artist :)
loved it :)

shrutijain said...

its soo meaningful..but whom r u refering to :P:P

Sabaritha Shilpa said...

hehe, noone in particular.. :)

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