Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The First Babel Escapes the Box!

Here it is, my first post! A poem that i wrote more than a year ago.. but i have to give it the credit of being one of the first noisy thoughts that escaped my head!

With Me..

Those times when I don't know what to do, 
I could talk to him, her or you..
But why cant you see?
I just want to be with me!

I might be happy, or maybe sad, 
or i miss someone real bad!
but I'm never lonely, 
when I'm just with me..

Sometimes, silence seems bliss, 
and no-ones voice i miss..
What I want to do, maybe,
is just spend more time with me.

Oh, there's so much to dream,
Thoughts that make me beam.
To you they might be silly,
So I just share them with me.

I thought i didn't know him, her, or you
and maybe someone else too..
That's when i got to see, 
I didn't even know me!

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