Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There Was a Plan...

That week of anxiety before my first day at college, I googled the words "college life". I was flooded with the craziest results! I read pages after pages with an evil glint in my eyes.. I was finally going to a place where I can unleash my more fun alter-ego.
My thoughts were interrupted as I stumbled upon a quote-index that had a whole list of quotes on college life. My enthusiasm dwindled as I read each of those wise words....
Few of those that i cannot forget are - 
"College is refuge from a hasty judgement"...
and "Colleges don't make fools.. They only develop them."
The one that scared me the most was "Colleges are like old age homes, except for the fact that more people die in colleges!"
I switched to a more fun reading and tried to convince myself that I'd made the right choice. But oh well, I had already made it and I wouldn't let a list of quotes by 'Anonymous' dampen my spirits.

I had a lot planned for college -
1. Undo the science-nerd image from high-school.
2. Undo the dazed, depressed doodler image from secondary school.
3. Make lots and lots of friends!
4. Do cool calculations and design some electronic gizmo.. (without it hampering plan 1)
5. Build a robot at the end of 4-years. (ROFL!) (again, without it coming in the way of plan 1, or reverting to the character mentioned in plan 2)
6. Have an "awesome" life!

Let me update you how my plans are going. (You don't care how? I bet you're not an engineering student)

Starting with my first objective - well, it isn't much of a success, but being the 'nerd' or 'programming-geek' or any other related terms is a huge popularity booster! (Feels like you're the quarterback of team java! :-D )

Coming to my second objective, well, I'm still dazed, still depressed and I still doodle a LOT! but apparently this one of those commonalities that bind us..

Objective three kicked off to a great start, but I hear it is not 'proper' for a GIRL to have so many friends! That's when i realized that I was trapped in an a chauvinist zone where socializing is a crime! Lost precious time freeing myself from the restrictions imposed by my 'conservative' classmates (and from their constant company in general). It was then, that i found the most awesome people in BIT, and them, I call My Friends.

Number four was a huge flop! Apparently any activity that does not involve by-hearting a book prescribed by VTU is widely frowned upon.. I was now in a world where results are written before conducting the experiment, and marks are given before reading the answers.

I'll let you judge the progress of plan 5 based on your previous reading.
And lastly, 18 months ago, i planned for an "awesome" life... Today, i ask you, life? What life?

But what bothers me most is the thought of 'Anonymous' (the quotes guy) saying "I told you so!" with that impishly satisfied grin!

Prose is not my forte.. but i decided to give it a try..Leave a comment to let me know what you think :-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Unfamiliar World

It was that bleak sunrise,
In the coldness, I was cozy and curled,
I struggled and opened my eyes
to wake up to an unfamiliar world.

Some people will never go,
or that's what I had always heard,
but today, it isn't so
and it feels like an unfamiliar world.

Fond memories of them swept my mind
but into strangers they had turned.
Their incredible love had made me blind,
it's why I'm in this unfamiliar world!

My world, in them I had seen..
around them my living had swirled,
If only I'd known, mere people they had been,
It'd never have felt like an unfamiliar world!

Of  love, care and fun they swore,
and in those sweet words my life twirled.
But when people aren't just people, but more,
you will always wake to an unfamiliar world.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The First Babel Escapes the Box!

Here it is, my first post! A poem that i wrote more than a year ago.. but i have to give it the credit of being one of the first noisy thoughts that escaped my head!

With Me..

Those times when I don't know what to do, 
I could talk to him, her or you..
But why cant you see?
I just want to be with me!

I might be happy, or maybe sad, 
or i miss someone real bad!
but I'm never lonely, 
when I'm just with me..

Sometimes, silence seems bliss, 
and no-ones voice i miss..
What I want to do, maybe,
is just spend more time with me.

Oh, there's so much to dream,
Thoughts that make me beam.
To you they might be silly,
So I just share them with me.

I thought i didn't know him, her, or you
and maybe someone else too..
That's when i got to see, 
I didn't even know me!

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