Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Free Country...

Once upon a time, on this very land,
free men, brave and wealthy spanned.
Gallant kings, in their golden castles strode,
as happiness filled every abode.

One fateful day, the invasions began..
the Great Alexander, this land he overran.
But against the mighty Indians he couldn't dwell,
However, to the middle east warriors, they all fell.

On a cursed day more foreigners did come.
They said it was Britain they were from.
Carrying sugary notes from the queen,
no one guessed they could be mean.

With venomously sweet words, trust they gained
Our riches to the last drop they drained.
And those gallant kings of majestic stride,
were stolen of their kingdom and pride!

At their lucrative offers the kings did drool,
ignorant to the policy of 'Divide and Rule'
When, against the capitalists, the Sepoys did fight,
the need for independence was brought to light.

Brave souls everywhere protested,
to show the invaders they were detested.
Territories as a nation united,
to save a country, so blighted..

The path of non-violence some did pick
and followed the old man with a stick.
Others, called themselves a radical clan
and followed the handsome young gunman!

Whether it was the gun or peaceful protest,
it wasn't something to contest.
It only mattered that they fought
and the long awaited independence we got!

There it should have ended, and I, be gone..
but here I am, and you've got to read on..
cos, after all these years of freedom,
what are we really free from?

The evil clutches of capitalists?
Ruthlessness of power hungry beasts?
or a system that favors the richer one?
The sad answer is None!

Everywhere, these evil spirits loom,
plotting the nations very doom.
As questions linger in our minds..
how much longer? and how far behind?

The story of pre-independence plays again,
only this time, we yearn freedom from our own men.
Can we break away from the clutches of these traitors?
for now, the question is left for debaters...

Will we only stare in vain
as our honor is forced to the drain?
And will these evil spirits be fend,
if and when there comes an end?

As an other revolution begins to take shape, I'm sure this is a thought that has crossed all our minds. do let me know your views.


Zardy said...

Well written, Sab! Keep writing :)

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